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Ever since I can remember, creating textiles has always attracted my attention !


A few years ago, having followed a training course in the workshops Plasse - Le Caisne, I decided to specialise in handicraft weaving.

Since then, working on my looms, allowing my imagination to run away with me, I blend together silk, linen, wool or cotton, thus creating unique articles useful or decorative, for the home or for clothes.

I would like to take this opportunity to present our workshop and a few of our creations to you ...

Last update, July 19th, 2012 : Events : September 2012 : "Fil en Melle" in Melle and "Exposition des Artisans d'Arts et Potiers" in Saint-Emilion (F)

                                                           October 2012 : 3èmes Journées "Textile" in Couzeix (Haute-Vienne) and "Journées Nationales de la Laine" in Felletin (F)


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